Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Words that encourage even on the hardest days...

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve lost my way.

I’ve struggled, stumbled, even doubted some days.

I’ve made some plans, I’ve had regrets, worried over things that haven’t happened yet.

Still through it all, you’re by my side, there to guide me, to catch me when I fall.

Never alone, that’s what you’ve promised me, so on your word I trust completely.

You’ll never leave me or forsake me, ever present, with me always.

Gently leading, patiently waiting, through the good and the bad days.

Full of mercy and of grace, to say sufficient seems but a trace.

No single word can describe, you’re more than enough, more than Amazing God!


"What are the encouraging words you want to hear when you’re having a hard day?"

When this world weighs heavily and struggles seem to never cease, these are the words that encourage me greatly…

God’s mercy is new for me every morning!

Regardless of what I’ve done, what others have done to me, or the trials I face, His Grace Is Sufficient!

He is more than enough and if He is ALL I have, then I have ALL I need!!!

While I may disappoint those I love and I may be disappointed by others, God’s love for me is unfailing and unending!


The same way that God feels about me, He feels about you!!!
His mercy is new for you every morning, His grace is sufficient and His love everlasting!

No matter what you’re going through in this season of your life, trust Him to be more than enough and all that you need!
I'm honored to link up today with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart.



  1. His mercies new every morning. Thank you for the encouragement today.

  2. Hey Lanette. I hope this finds you well. I have been thinking and praying for you often lately. God bless ~ Misty

    1. Hi Misty! Thank you for your prayers, I so appreciate them! I've been a little overwhelmed lately but God is so good and has helped me to overcome and get back to where I need to be! I hope you're doing well! Praying for you too :)
      God bless!!!